Advanced industries worldwide have come to know Hobson & Motzer as quality-critical craftsmen who excel at building innovative solutions for complex components, while completing projects reliably and efficiently. Hobson & Motzer supplies precision metal components for a wide range of applications across several industries: predominantly medical device; also, electrical connectors for several industries—automotive and aerospace. We provide metal stampings ranging in volume from 100,000 to over 100 million parts, fully machined parts, complex assemblies, and prototyping services.

Medical Device Industry

A leading supplier to the medical device industry, we manufacture precision metal components and assemblies. Our decades of expertise coining metal have earned us a strong reputation in the coining of anvil pockets for surgical stapling devices. Combined with our wide range of capabilities, Hobson & Motzer is ideally suited to support the metal component needs of the medical device industry.

Major medical markets that we serve include:


  • Stapling devices
  • Linear cutters
  • Clip appliers
  • Closure systems


  • Pencils
  • Blades
  • Jaws


  • Drug delivery
  • Auto-injectable
  • Bifurcated needle

Ophthalmic Blade Blanks

  • Lasik
  • Cornea
  • Slit
  • MVR

Custom Electrical Contacts

  • Battery
  • Speed control
  • Connectors